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What’s the address of the show hall ? How can I get to Strasbourg ?

Parc des Expositions, Rue Fritz Kieffer, 67000 Strasbourg.
Getting to Strasbourg

What’s the registration period ?

Registration open on July 1st 2023 and close on October 1st 2023.

What are the bank account details ?

IBAN : FR76 1120 6200 5400 8076 4096 842
Please write your surname and name.
For NO SEPA transfers : expenses to be borne by the sender.

Can my cat participate in the FIFe World Show ? What are the conditions/qualifications?

Only cats of fully recognized breeds and their fully recognized varieties as well as house cats belonging to individual FIFe members may participate in the World Show.
Qualification requirements can be found here.

May I present my cat to the judge myself ?

You can present your cat to the judge. A steward is also available, if you need help.

What are the needed vaccinations for the participating cats ? Any required medical condition ?

All participating cats must be vaccinated and a vaccination certificate is checked on all cats entering the show hall. Vaccinations against feline panleukopenia, feline calici virus and feline herpes virus must be valid and taken at least 15 days prior to the show. The last day for booster vaccination is on October 13th 2023.
Cats entering France from other countries must be vaccinated against rabies. The vaccination must be taken at least 21 days before entering the country.
More information about regulations for traveling with cats within or to EU here.

White cats must have a veterinary certificate stating that they are not deaf.
House cats older than 10 months must have a certificate stating they are neutered

How much does it cost to park at the show hall ?

There are 800 parking spaces free of charge for exhibitors.

Will there be chairs available for the exhibitors ?

Chairs are available.

When and how can I register for the gala dinner ?

All information about the gala dinner will be published here as soon as possible.

Where can I find the schedule of the week-end ?

The schedule is available here.

When is the show open to the public ? What’s the ticket price ?

All information for visitors are here.

Is it possible to leave the show earlier if I have a flight back home scheduled on Sunday evening ?

At the World Show, it is not allowed to leave the show hall before the end of the show.
In some rare cases and only if you send a written authorization request, at least one month before the WS, the Show Manager may grant an exception. Please write to contact@fifeworldshow2023.fr with all the data (time and flight schedule) and the team will keep you updated of its decision.