3 essential things to do in Strasbourg

What to do in Strasbourg : If your time to enjoy the city is limited, we have prepared a top 3 of the must-sees and must-dos for you ! Most of the accomodations we advise you have an easy access to the historical center by tram or even by walking distance.

1. Admire Strasbourg Cathedral

Emblematic monument of the city, masterpiece of Gothic art, if you must see only one it is this one. With its 142 meters, the Notre-Dame de Strasbourg cathedral stands like a beacon, visible from the Vosges and the Black Forest.

Cathédrale de Strasbourg en contre plongée
Photo Virginie Jost

2. Stroll through the alleys of Petite France to the Ponts Couverts

In the Petite France district, the historic heart of Strasbourg, stroll on the cobblestones of the narrow streets or directly along the water’s edge. Admire its magnificent half-timbered houses dating from the 16th and 17th centuries. By taking the time to continue to the Barrage Vauban, you will enjoy a panoramic view of the Ponts Couverts and the Petite France district, with the Cathedral in the background.

Vue panoramique de Strasbourg depuis le Barrage Vauban
Photo Virginie Jost

Tip: In October in Strasbourg, the weather can be rainy and the temperatures already relatively cold. Then, it becomes unpleasant to walk around the city. In this case, we advise you to opt for a Bataroma boat trip. It will allow you to discover the city comfortably installed in a covered boat while sailing on the Ill and its canals.

More info : www.batorama.com

3. Eat a tarte flambée

What would a weekend in Strasbourg be without tasting its famous tarte flambée?! The tarte flambée is above all about conviviality. In Alsace, it is eaten with friends or family, with your fingers, around a good bottle of white wine! There are different variants, from the traditional to the gratinaed, with mushrooms, or Munster (local cheese with strong smell). Or even in a sweet version with apples or blueberries.

Tarte flambée traditionnelle mangée avec les doigts
Photo OTSR / Philémon Henry

And for those who are not lucky enough to arrive in Strasbourg on Friday, take advantage of the time after the first day of the show on Saturday evening to stroll through Strasbourg at night and discover its illuminated architecture.

Illustration de Strasbourg de nuit au bord de l'eau
Photo OTSR / Paul Prim

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